Matters Gray


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(The first numeral is one
Push the button under the one
Push the button under one again)

At times I tap my skull (at times the time must go)
(Now find one)
As if someone else might call
(Which is one)
But my fixed one
(Two, the numeral two)
Is as fixed as any wall
(Two, press the numeral two)
(Push the button under two again)

And if no one else would know
(Two, push the button under it)
Well then where does it all go (why then where does it unclothe)
(which is two)
Is it circling in other matters gray?
(One, two)
(Push the button under one at the bottom)

Would you
(Which is one)
Could you feel this way?
(One, two, three)
(Which is four)

At times I touch my head
Like the little girl once did
It's a shame the way you're people
Part of our ten

Cause the sun was on your side
(Push two again)
Well then why did they all hide
(Which is three)
But they blamed it there in other matters gray

(Now find four)
(Push under four again)

Would you
(Find four)
Could you feel this way?
(Five, find five, push the button under five)

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